Diab Group, why Helsingborg?

Interview with Lennart Hagelqvist, ceo at Diab Group

Good communications and close proximity to Scandinavias largest airport, Copenhagen Airport, excellent office space availability in the city center, a great international school and an attractive labor market. These are the most important reasons that the international company Diab Group has chosen to establish itself in Helsingborg. The plastics company is rapidly growing and expects to be hiring for new positions.

Diab manufactures core materials made of cellular plastics. It is an extremely strong and lightweight type of plastic. The majority of customers are in the marine and aerospace industries, along with the wind energy industry. The company is in an extremely expansive phase, and this is the reason for opening the office in Helsingborg.

The city’s location, communications and labor market strongly contributed to the choice of establishment.

“We needed more office space, which was the main trigger for the search. We considered the possibility of investing in offices to be small and the setting up of instant offices as expensive and taking too long. When choosing where to establish ourselves, we conducted a quick analysis that gave the advantage to Helsingborg,” says CEO Lennart Hagelqvist.

What does Helsingborg have that other cities lack?

“For us, an international touch, particularly through Ikea, and a larger labor market than where we are established, today. Proximity to Laholm, with affordable commuting was also decisional.”

Diab’s expansion will continue and is powered by the world’s need to create sustainable development. In three years, Lennart Hagelqvist expects to have hired several engineers. Thus, access to competence is essential for Diab.

“It determines our growth rate. As we are international, we will take every opportunity to attract competent colleagues, globally, to enable our growth. This means that the company will be internationalized, which makes it important to be able to attract qualified foreign labor to Helsingborg,” says Lennart Hagelqvist.

Is there anything the city of Helsingborg could do differently to encourage more companies to establish themselves in the city?

“The housing situation for short-term/mid-range housing could be improved, along with rental opportunities in attractive areas. The opportunity to attend more international schools, as well as to continue to work on attracting companies with international ties.”